Its that time of the year again (my favorite time of the year). Spring training is going on and little league is about to start up as well. Its a perfect time to pickup the all-time best selling personal Baseball / Softball Stats Tracker on the App Store.

Here is a little demo video for those who want to check it out.

Instructional Video for Baseball Stats Tracker Touch For iPhone & iPad:

Download the #1 baseball and softball stats tracker on the Apple App Store today!

Best Baseball Stats Tracking iPhone App

Randal Higgins TouchMint

All education apps have been updated for iOS8/iPad. Quiz Maker now allows you to upload photos for your multi-choice quizzes and flashcards. The certification quiz apps(ACT, NASM, OT, SLP) have been redesigned and now have more education content. Click the pictures to the right to check them all out!

With baseball season in full swing we have released a huge update for the #1 personal baseball stats tracking app on the Apple app store.

This update includes a new design for iPhone 5 as well as other models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Baseball Stats Tracker Touch now includes over 90 stats for batting, pitching and fielding! Download the #1 baseball and softball stats tracker on the Apple App Store today!

The first of our educational apps Occupational Therapy Study Exam 2013 has been released.

OT Exam Prep is a one of a kind app! OT Exam Prep not only allows you to take quizzes and view flashcards/vocab created by a certified occupational therapist but it also allows you to create your own questions/flashcards/vocab. Everyone learns differently which is why it’s important to create your own content or even edit ours!

This revolutionary system allows you to create your own occupational therapy questions and flashcard system. Create an unlimited amount of your own questions and flashcards and even edit ours. It is a proven fact that creating content helps you learn. When you are engaged in creating questions for review you are more likely to understand and remember the content.

With flag, middle school, high school and college football season closing in on us Football Stats Tracker Touch has shot up the rankings and become the #1 personal football stat tracking app!

Football Stats Tracker Touch is the best app for keeping your own or your child’s stats. Never miss a play by keeping stats like the pros! FSTT allows you to keep over 90 stats for as many games and seasons as you want!

★★★Features Include★★★
✓The ability to track your stats using the NFLs and NCAAs official stats.
✓Over 90 stat categories!
✓Includes offensive, defensive and special teams stats.
✓Email your stats to family, friends and coaches
✓Track an unlimited number of players by careers, seasons and games, over any number of teams.
✓Great training tool – track your progression
✓Real-time updating stats
✓Past and current stats
✓Simple, clean and easy-to-use interface
✓Great for any athlete, young or old
✓Quick Support – In app email support.
✓And many more!!!

Instructional Video for FSTT: