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Baseball Stats Tracker Touch


Where it all started…

Baseball Stats Tracker Touch was my first app and still my favorite app. I love baseball, softball and wiffleball. The creation of  baseball stats tracker touch has allowed me to share that with everyone.


★★Awards and Recognition★★
►Featured in Apples “Whats Hot”
►Top 25 app in the Sports App Store
►Incredible User feedback “★★★★★” app
“★★★★★” “This app is well built and is just what I need as a coach to give my players appropriate feedback!” – MG1919
“★★★★★” “This baseball stat tracker is the best I’ve ever seen. My kids love to ask how they’re doing stats-wise after each at-bat…” -Swampfox803

►Build for iPhone and iPad

★Best Baseball Stats Tracking iPhone App★

★Best Baseball Stats Tracking iPad App★



►Do You LOVE Baseball? and want to track all your batting, pitching, catching and fielding stats
✓The only app that offers you the ability to track over 85 stats over entire games, seasons and careers!

Keep track of stats for Baseball, Softball and Kickball, all on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. While other stat trackers only let you keep track of games, Baseball Stats Tracker Touch allows you to keep track of games, seasons and even careers!

Email out results for over 85 stat categories! Email out as games, seasons or even whole careers. Email your games stats to friends, parents, coaches and scouts!

Baseball Stats Tracker Touch is the most comprehensive and complete stat keeper in the entire App Store giving you the ability to track all batting, pitching, fielding and catching stats with ease. Created by a baseball player for the player!

Parents, this app is great for your child’s little league games! Track their stats, progression, and the entirety of their little league careers, regardless the league or team. Baseball Stats Tracker Touch is perfect for all intramural or recreational baseball, softball and kickball leagues. Baseball Stats Tracker Touch is even used in national softball tournaments across the country.

⚾NEW features this version⚾
✓Support page upgrade
✓Upgraded Pitch Speed Gun!!!
✓New Stats
✓New Icon and Interface

⚾Features Include⚾
✓Over 85 stat categories! ★most in app store★.
✓Batting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, and Team stats.
✓Track an unlimited players by unlimited games, seasons and •careers•.
✓Great training tool – track your progression.
✓Designed for baseball, softball and kickball.
✓Great for little league, minors, majors, slowpitch, fastpitch, tee ball, dixie etc…
✓Includes batting, pitching, catching and fielding stats.
★Pitch Speed Gun – Calculate your pitch speed at any level little league – majors.
★Projected Stats- Ability to project your season stats based off of current games played.
✓Projected Stats is great for comparing your season’s stats to MLBs season stats.
✓Stopwatch – Great for conditioning and drills.
✓Email your stats to parents, friend, coaches and scouts.
✓Real-time updating stats – instant calculations.
✓View and edit past stats.
✓Simple, clean and easy-to-use interface.
✓Brilliant baseball themed HD Retina interface.
★Great for any athlete, from tee ball to the pros.
✓Quick Support – In app email support.

This App is brought to you by ★TouchMint★, an Innovative leader in iPhone Sport Tracking Apps.

Support Email

Randal Higgins TouchMint



4 thoughts on “Baseball Stats Tracker Touch

  1. Hi there,
    Love your apps! I have several of them as my kids play many sports. The one I’m stll waiting for though is Tennis… Hope I dont have to wait too long!

    1. Hey Mile,

      I do have a few apps in the works and tennis is one of them so stay tuned! I am hoping to have it fully completed and optimized for iOS6/iPhone5 (of course it will work for all the other ipods/ipads/iphones too!)

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