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Each week we will look at three match-ups that could have an impact on the playoffs and also give a prediction.

(correct predictions in Green incorrect in Red)

Week 2 Preview

Week 2 does not look to be as exciting as week 1 somehow turned out to be but there still are a few good games going on.

1) Oregon vs. Michigan State
This should be a pretty good game to catch seeing College Gameday will be there this week. What to watch for will be gauging Oregon’s new QB Vernon Adams. I think Adams has what it takes and walks away with the win here.

2) Oklahoma vs. Tennessee
Tennessee has not been the best over the years but they are quietly building up quite a nice team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here or at least a closer than the spread game.

3) Texas A&M vs. Ball State
A&M looks to continue its move to the top after a great win over a great ASU team. They will face and beat ball state at their newly renovated home field (Kyle Field). This should be an easy win so keep an eye out for some big numbers from the offense.

4) Iowa vs. Iowa State
While this isnt a marquee matchup it always turns into a great game to watch. Iowa state hasn’t been the best over the past years but they always show up for the Iowa game. Look for this to be a close one but I think Iowa holds on this week.

Rankings As of week 2

No. 2 Alabama No. 3 TCU
No. 1 Ohio State No. 4 Notre Dame

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