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Each week we will look at three match-ups that had an impact on the playoffs and give a recap.

Week 1 Recap

Alabama looks great in their opening game against a very good Wisconsin team. Some say Alabama looked better than Ohio State but they really won’t be tested for a while. Because Ohio State won’t be tested much this season they are going to need to dominate their opponents to stay the top seeded team even if they go undefeated.

Notre Dame made a notable show to their game against a very tough Texas defense. Its still early in the year but the predictions about Notre Dame’s offense looks to be true so far and throughout the year you will see them prove this over and over.

Texas A&M makes a statement over what was supposed to be a top tier ASU team. ASU never really got anything going against the A&M defense until late in the second half and A&M is fine with that. They move up in quite a few polls and ASU well they move down of course.

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